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About - Corfu car hire

corfu cars
Corfu cars for hire is a local car hire company based on the island of Corfu. We have one of the largest independent car rental fleets on the island always with new models in top condition.

We specialize in car hire at Corfu airport but at the same time you can rent a car from us in any location around Corfu you wish. No matter in which resort, hotel or apartment you choose to spend your holidays we can deliver your car free of charge.

We are proud to say that we truly offer the best value for money car hire in Corfu with the most competitive rates and more importantly with the best possible insurance policy. Our prices always include fully comprehensive insurance with NO EXCESS in case of an accident and we also offer you the chance to further insure your rental car for damage to the undercarriage or even a flat tire.

When you rent a car from us you can always rest assure that there are no hidden fees or charges. We have no small print, and we are always available to explain every detail or question you might have. Our payment policy is also the best available on the market: you enter the dates for your car hire in Corfu, choose the car you like , fill in your details and then you pay when you arrive in Corfu and we actually deliver the car to you!


You can rent from us a big variety of car models in all possible categories. Do you want just a small car for two people? Or perhaps you are traveling with a large family or group of friends and need a minivan. Would you like to spend your Corfu holidays in style? Then maybe a cabrio is the best choice! Are you staying in a difficult to reach villa in Corfu? No problem just choose an SUV or a 4x4 car. No matter what car you need we have you covered! If you are not sure what choice would be best for you just get in touch and our agents will help you make the best selection.

So book your car now and see you in Corfu!

Our Cars


New models in perfect condition

Fully comprehensive insurance

NO EXCESS in case of an accident

Unlimited mileage on all bookings

Delivery and collection in the price

Free additional drivers

Free baby/child seat

Free map of Corfu

24h road assistance

No extras

No hidden cost

Long term car rental Corfu


Corfu Car hire Tips

The Earlier you book the cheaper it is

If you need a car for more than two weeks get in touch by email

We have available minibuses for larger groups

Corfu roads are quite narrow but safe to drive on

Rent an SUV if you stay on a hilly location

Pick up your car at Corfu airport to avoid taxi fees

Ask us for best places to visit in Corfu by car

Get a diesel car if you plan to make many kms

Choose a cabrio to enjoy the sun

Never drink and drive

Corfu Car Hire FAQ

I see the prices on your website and they seem to be very cheap compared to other Corfu car rental companies. Are there maybe any extra charges that are not included in your prices?

Absolutely not! The prices you get in our quote are the prices you will pay. On top of that, we are not asking for any payments before you actually arrive to Corfu. We will deliver the car to you, you will check if you are happy with it, you can ask us any questions or concerns about the rental and when you are satisfied only then we collect the payment from you.

So just to make it clear, there are no payments whatsoever before I actually arrive in Corfu.

Correct, you pay when you get your car.

Do you accept only cash or can I also pay by credit card?

you can pay by cash or credit card. We accept Visa, Master card and American express. Please remember to let us know by email that you wish to pay by credit card so we can make the necessary arrangements when we deliver the car to you.

I have reserved a car to be delivered at the airport, how do I find your representative?

When you arrive in Corfu airport you will get out to the main arrivals section. Our representative will be there waiting for you holding a sign with your name.

I have never been to Corfu before, how will I be able to find the way out of the airport and to my accommodation?

we provide all our customers (no matter how Corfu experienced they might think they are) with a detailed map of the island so they are able to find their way around. Also one of our airport representatives will be able to give you directions to help you get on your way.

What kind of documents do I need to have with me when I come to collect the car?

Your driver's license and your passport (or idée)

There are two of us that would like to drive the car we will rent, do we have to pay extra for the second driver?

No, extra drivers are free of charge, just make sure you all have your driver's lisence and passport or idée with you.

How old do I have to be to rent a car from you?

Minimum age for renting a car from us is 21 yrs.

Are there traffic cameras in Corfu?

No there are no fixed traffic cameras in Corfu but the police is regularly on the road with speed measuring handheld radars so it is wise to keep and eye for the speed limit signs and follow the rules.

What are the best places to visit in Corfu by car?

The Achillon Palace

The Achillon Palace, also known as Sissi’s Palace, is located in the beautiful Gastouri village. It was built in the year 1890 for the Empress of Austria and served as her summer retreat. After the princess passed away in the year 1898, the palace lay vacant for a period of 10 years, after which it was purchased by Kaiser Wilhelm II. The palace is particularly famous for its magnificent garden and impeccable architecture and is a “must see” while in Corfu.

Secret Tips – The palace holds great importance for tourists from the UK as it was the birthplace of Prince Phillip. All James Bond lovers would also be delighted to hear that the palace was the very place where the movie “For Your Eyes Only” was filmed.

Gardiki Castle

The Gardiki Castle boasts of an idyllic setting above the Gardiki village. Despite being partially destroyed, the castle is still known to be one of the best places to visit in Corfu. What makes it so famous is its distinct Byzantine design and the remains of a number of Byzantine artefacts located within it. Its setting amidst olive groves also helps to ensure that it exudes a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

Secret Tips – The most interesting features of the castle are the relics of ancient temples that have been embedded into its fortifications and the relics of the ancient fortifications located inside.

Kanoni A definite must for all visitors to Corfu. Kanoni ranks high up in the list of the best places to visit in Corfu because of its picture perfect vistas. The belvedere was once defended by a canon and is now full of exotic cafes. It was once known to be the focal point of the island and is steeped with history and culture. However, despite its otherworldly setting and the fact that it is located in Corfu, Kanoni has little to offer to the beach lovers as most of its beaches are steep and rugged. Secret Tips – One of the best things to do in Kanoni is to visit the Mouse Island that is full of trees and a Byzantine chapel. Kassiopi Kassiopi is a peaceful old world village which dates back to the Roman era. Tourists can check out a piece of history and walk in the footsteps of some of the greatest personalities of the time such as Emperor Nero and Cicero. Despite its history, some of the greatest delights of Kassiopi can be found in modern facilities such as Paragliding, diving and water-skiing. Other activities include a tennis, swimming and motor boat tours. The Panagia Kassiopi Tissa Church (built on the grounds of an ancient temple that had been dedicated to Zeus Kassius) is also worth exploring. Secret Tips – A walk from the beach to the harbor or vice versa is a “must do” while in Kassiopi as it offers the best views that Kassiopi has to offer. Church of Saint Spyridon The Church of Saint Spyridon is located in the heart of Corfu. The church features a typical venetian architecture and its bell tower is known to be the highest point in Corfu that can be seen from miles away. The church is dedicated to Saint Spyridon, considered to be the keeper of Corfu. His remains are also buried behind the Alter. Secret Tips – If you’re visiting Corfu during Good Friday, Palm Sunday, the first Sunday of November or 11th August, remember to become check out the procession which carries the remains of Saint Spyridon throughout town. Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa The Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa is located in the church of Panaghia (Our Lady) Antivouniotissa that dates back to the 15th century and is considered to be one of the oldest churches in the island. The church is also known to be one of the best examples of a Heptanesian Basilica. Some of the most famous artists who have been featured in the museum include Emmanuel Lambardos, Victor, Nicholas Tzafouris, Michael Avramis and Michael Damaskinos. Secret Tips – The museum consists of a vast collection of items from unknown and known artists. It is famous for offering a holistic overview of the artistic and religious output of Corfu between the 15th and 19th centuries and a general overview of its intellectual movement. British Cemetery The British Cemetery is a beautiful garden that dates back to the year 1814. It is full of flowers and tree shrubs and houses the graves of hundreds of Brits. The Cemetery is still used as the final resting place for Anglicans who still reside in Corfu and has become a popular tourist attraction due to its tranquil atmosphere and peaceful aura. Secret Tips – Watch out for biting insects and tortoises while visiting the British Cemetery. One of the best times to visit the cemetery is during the Spring season when you can check out lilies, wildflowers and orchids in full bloom. Message from Corfucars4hire: These were just a few of the really nice places that Corfu Island has to offer , we welcome you to come and visit on your own and discover even more! If you are interested in renting a car in order to explore the island we would be happy to arrange your car hire in Corfu.

Is petrol in Corfu expensive?

Well petrol prices have risen significantly over the last few years all over the world . At the moment the price for unleaded petrol in Corfu is around 1,80 euro per litter.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Corfu?

It depends on the car size and the period you wish to rent for but prices start at just 10 euro per day.